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    1. Tel: 0577-67300668
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      • Plug and socket
        Waterproof gradeIP44 Main material:PA
        • British plug and socket (PP)
        • German plug and socket (PC)
        • Australian plug and socket (PC)
        • French plug and socket (PP)
        • Overall flame retardancy
      • Waterproof box
        Waterproof gradeIP65 Main material:ABS
        • Waterproof box without hole (stainless steel screw)
        • Waterproof box with hole (quick screw)
        • Transparent waterproof box (PC)
        • Support custom colors
        • Support opening assembly
      • Waterproof switch box
        Waterproof gradeIP55 Main material:ABS
        • Transparent seal
        • Overall flame retardancy
        • U type wiring
        • Wire drawing panel
        • Silver nickel alloy
      • Circuit breaker
        Main material:PA
        • Bakelite
        • Silver nickel alloy
        • Overall flame retardancy
        • U type wiring
        • C45
        • RCBO
      About us
      The company mainly produces and sells low-voltage electrical products such as waterproof box, waterproof industrial plug and socket, circuit breaker,Isolating switch, Exhaust Fan,distribution box, etc., the products have passed CCC , CE, CB, SAA, seimko certification, and the company has established a perfect ISO9001, IS014001, ISO18001 quality and environment system certification
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