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      1. The wiring of electrical cabinet shall be horizontal and vertical, with firm configuration and even distribution. When changing the wiring direction, it shall be placed vertically.
      2. The secondary circuit route shall be far away from the arcing elements and shall not affect the operation of other electrical elements.
      3. The secondary return line shall not pass through the bus, and the connection and layout of the line shall be firm, reliable, neat and beautiful.
      4. There shall be no connector in the middle of the secondary circuit connecting line, and the connecting connector can only be on the terminal block or terminal strip of the components.
      5. The stripping length of the hard conductor should not be too long, about 10 mm is appropriate. After the two wires are connected, the connection part of the conductor should be fixed with heat shrinkable pipe.
      6. At most two wires are allowed to be connected on the terminal block of each electrical component. Generally, only one wire is allowed to be connected on each terminal block. If two wires must be connected, the connection must be firm and reliable.
      7. The cold pressure terminal shall be added for the connection of multiple leads. For the single weak current circuit wire with cross-section area less than 1m ㎡, tin welding or other suitable methods shall be used for the connection.

      8. The flexible conductor shall be put on the wire nose first and then inserted into the terminal. The copper core shall not be exposed outside and shall be compressed. When the conductor is connected with the terminal, the insulation layer and the exposed copper of the conductor shall not be damaged and too long.
      9. Both ends of the wire stripped of the insulating layer shall be sleeved with coding sleeve. From one terminal to the other terminal, the wire must be connected, and there shall be no joint in the middle < br / > 10. When wiring, be careful not to damage the core and insulation layer of the wire.
      11. When there is friction between the conductor and the cabinet metal, a rubber gasket shall be added to protect the cable.
      12. Wear gloves when installing copper bar to prevent electrostatic reaction.
      13. The installation height of the conductor on the same horizontal plane shall be the same and shall not be crossed. When it is not possible to cross, the conductor shall be led out at the terminal, and it shall be horizontally overhead, and the wiring must be reasonable.
      14. When the conductor is connected to the panel, plastic pipe or installation slot shall be added. In order to prevent the sharp edge from cutting the conductor insulation layer, the outgoing part of the electrical cabinet must be equipped with plastic sheath.